Every brand has a story. At Brand Applause, we help you develop the interactive tools to share yours with the world.

Early Advantage
We shine the spotlight on two of Early Advantage's youth oriented brands "Muzzy" and "Great Books Summer Reading Program" by developing web movies that support direct response campaigns. We also developed student experience diaries.

Dräger: Product Launch

For Dräger's U.S. launch of their breakthrough gas detector, the X-zone 5000, we interviewed Ralph Drews and produced a series of WebFlicks with animations to bring attention to their superior engineering.

Skin IQ

The simplicity of working with Skin IQ's Microclimate Manager are braught out in HD movies that play at trade shows and over the web.

Video for USA Gymnastics USA Gymnastics
Click here to see a how USA Gymnastics dramatize the importance of supporting our Olympic athletes.

Dreager Logo Dräger: A Breath Ahead

For Dräger we created 40 hours of curriculum training to cover the latest neonatal techniques and industry trends - positioning Dräger as the leader in respirator care.

Video for USA Gymnastics Web-Based Application Training

Boost brand loyalty by creating simple, engaging, on-line training that allows customers to become experts in your software or on-line resources.

Image_75x75 GE
Brand Applause builds visibility and excitement for e-commerce and traditional brands. Here is one WebFlick we produced for GE Capital; it generated traffic and demand for their E-Commerce Solutions products.

Image_75x75 ACE
For ACE insurance we produce diverse videos to promote and position their range of insurance products and services for businesses and individuals.

Image_75x75 Secret Service
We help the Secret Service dramatize how to customers can protect themselves from crime such as True Name Fraud.

Image_75x75 Image Films
The web has become an essential way for brands to grow. This image film for Texaco helped to positioned their brand as a thought leader and innovator in the petroleum sector to shareholders, employees and consumers.

Image_75x75 Webcasting
We produce full-feature interactive webcasts which allow you to communicate with audiences around the world.

Image_75x75 Branding Movies
Click here to see a sample of one of the branding videos we produced which celebrates the Brand Team's accomplishments over the past year and demonstrates the impact of a clear branding strategy.

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