Commercials / Product Shots / EFX Shots

Further your brand beautiful desktop photography and television commericals.

Come see beautifully styled product shots filmed with our Super 35mm camera package for our national spots for Kaboodles the beauty organizer.

Come see the before and after shots in our update for Muzzy - the language leaning program developed by the BBC and distributed by Early Advantage.

Image_75x75 Panasonic
For Panasonic Office Automation we wrote, produced and directed commercials that dramatized the frustration of outdated copiers and the benefits of Panasonics new series.

Image_75x75 ABC Spots
When ABC Sports wanted to extend their brand to a line of clothing, we filmed acommercials with dramatic footage of signed merchandice .

QVC Network
When QVC needed a commercial campaign to drive sales with their top jewelry pitcher, with called on us to film their campaign in Bevery Hills.
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