National Broadcast

Sometimes you need more than a few seconds to tell your story. When your goal is to introduce customers
to a new idea or experience, the best venue is often long-format. The campaigns below are a sample of the
organizations that used long-format drama - documentaries, infomercials and feature films - to demonstrate
their expertise and generate brand appeal.

Image_75x75 Town of Greenwich
Come see an excerpt from the movie we produced on the Town of Greenwich. The film explores the town's tourist attractions, spectacular coastal estates and rich history.

We produce programming for PBS including the award-winning film Wisdom for Life, which explains the West's tradition of reason and how it's our best argument against fundamentalism.

Image_75x75 Drive Train
Music videos are pure branding and we produced many for air on MTV and VH1. Here's one of our favorite B(r)ands - Drive Train.

Early Advantage
We produced their long-format home-based reading product but we also do commercial photography and create on-line movies to increase their reach and appeal to the youth market.

Our Super 35mm camera package and feature film experience make us an ideal choice for special effects photography. For example we shot the New York City opening sequence and special effects shots for Anacondas.

Image_75x75 USA Network
USA Network calls on us then they need motion picture photography on projects such as Murder in Greenwich.

Image_75x75 Indie Feature Films
Our background in indie film production includes projects such as the award winning feature film Helene.

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